Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Sales presentations on automatic entrance systems usually neglect to mention a very important fact; automatic doors require maintenance, a lot of maintenance for most of the products in the North American construction and remodeling market place. The dollars spent for this maintenance are very significant as a component of the total cost of ownership for an automatic entrance system, in many instances quickly outrunning the up front installed cost of the door product. While this fact may not be that important to a busy construction executive who wants to get his doors in quickly and cheaply, it should be a MAJOR consideration for the end user, business owner or operator.

The Dollars

Now let's take a look at a typical cost profile for a simple bi-part sliding door (no transom, fixed sidelights) sold and installed at a retailer by a large TORMAX competitor. The installed price for this door is typically 10 to 20 percent less than the TORMAX equivalent, let's say $4600. In its first service year, this door, like a TORMAX, will receive one preventative maintenance call. In addition (unlike a TORMAX) this door needs one service call for repair or adjustment. In it's second service year, the door gets a PM service, and two service calls for repair or adjustment. In years three through five, the door begins to wear heavily and requires a PM service, plus three service calls annually for breakdown or repair. Assuming each service call costs an average $200 (parts and labor), this "cheap" door has racked up ownership cost of $8000 during the first five years of service, as shown in Figure 1 below. And it only gets worse!

Automatic Entrance System Cost of Ownership

Ownership of the TORMAX Door gives you a 20% savings compared to other doors.


Compare that experience to the performance of our TORMAX sliding door system in Figure 2. The TORMAX system, installed at $5100, has superior technology and functionality, and requires only one preventive maintenance call in each of its first three years of service, and one PM plus one additional repair / adjustment servicing in years four and five. So our TORMAX total cost of ownership over the same five years is $6500, or 20% lower than the "cheap" door. Plus, there has been much less disruption to the user's business and much less aggravation for management. Please note: the dollar amounts in this evaluation are for comparison purposes; actual experience will vary.


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