About Us

Swiss Quality for Demanding Customers

TORMAX USA LLC is committed to providing exceptional services with highly qualified technical advisers and service technicians on automatic door systems since 1997. The company’s head office is in Texas. Our technicians are strategically located throughout the state of Texas to provide quick and efficient service. For sales, installation and service outside the state of Texas, TORMAX is supported by a network of distributors across the United States.

TORMAX installed Europe’s first automatic door in 1951. Today a leading manufacturer of automatic pedestrian and industrial door systems worldwide with 25 Group companies and 500+ distributors.

TORMAX is a division of the LANDERT Group, a privately owned Group of companies, characterized by innovation, quality and genuine entrepreneurship. The LANDERT Group was founded in 1924 with its headquarters in Bulach-Zurich, Switzerland, and employs over 1000 staff members across its two divisions SERVAX (customized electrical drives) and TORMAX (pedestrian and industrial door systems).

Wherever People Move

TORMAX has thousands of satisfied and repeat customers world wide, who have applied our automatic entrance systems:

* Installed Swing & Sliding Doors |
** Installed Swing, Sliding and Manual Doors

TORMAX Product Features

TORMAX is the choice of customers who want doors that open and close unnoticed and harmonize with their environment.

Our Products meet these needs because they:

  • Open and close precisely when required
  • Can be programmed to admit only those people with authorized access
  • Operate silently and reliably
  • Are intelligent, microprocessor-controlled to specific needs
  • Are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and applicable specifications, and delivered to your schedule
  • Can be easily integrated into complete building management systems
  • Offer unlimited architectural design flexibility
  • Provide a long service life with lowest total cost of ownership

Our Products conform to ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). ANSI, UL/ULC, ETL, Miami-Dade County, Florida Building Code, local and market specific specifications.

TORMAX USA LLC is an official member of the AAADM association.