Door Systems for Industrial and Extreme Environments

Door systems from TORMAX are diverse in their applications and are durable and reliable. They can be used in pharmaceutical facilities, freezer doors, mining, pulp and paper, military, steel, and food processing.

Extreme Environment Doors

Stainless steel, dust proof, and impervious to jetting water, the TORMAX iMotion operators with IP65 protection are ideal for the most extreme slide door operating environments.

The operators meets the highest requirements for hygiene, tightness, and corrosion resistance. Typical applications include cruise ships, meat and food processing plants, coastal applications, oil drilling platforms, refrigeration chambers and many others where sliding doors could not function before.

Industrial Enviroments – Slide and Swing Door Operators

TORMAX offers a broad and comprehensive range of industrial drives and door systems.

The slide door iMotion 2401 Heavy Duty Direct Drive System is designed to handle steel doors, freezer doors, and clean room doors. These door systems are fully adjustable and are available with emergency breakout. The drive system can handle door panels weighing up to 1200 pounds.

The swing door iMotion 1301 Industrial is designed to meet the most rigorous industrial swing door application. This product can be utilized in virtually all industrial facilities. Also available as an operator on fire door openings, they are surface applied and use a fire alarm contact and/or a heat or smoke sensor to remove power from the operating system.

Cruise Ship IP65


Pool IP65


Swing Door TORMAX iMotion 1301.s