TORMAX iMotion Net - Monitored Doors

The Tormax iMotion Net is ideal for those customers who are concerned about the maintenance and performance of their automatic door systems. The Tormax iMotion Net provides for communication ready iMotion doors to be integrated into a building management system.

The connection to the building management system is made through a bus based communication network and gateway protocol. The bus interface allows for detailed information flow between the building management system and iMotion Door Drive. The iMotion Net follows an open serial (RS-485) protocol derived from the master/slave architecture and allows for remote monitoring of up to twenty doors per network.

The Tormax bus interface enables the system integrator to design advanced door net functionality according to the individual needs of the building owner. The networked system can monitor read and write commands such as; change door operation, signal alarm conditions, and identify door problems. The Tormax iMotion Net can be controlled on-site locally or through a cloud based management system.

iMotion Net - Monitored Doors - Cloud